EV charger in Hampton VA

Power Up Your Electric Vehicle At Home

Get an EV charger installed in Hampton, Virginia Beach & Newport News, VA

Tired of taking trips just to charge your car? Count on Governor's Electric to install an EV charging station at your house, so you can charge your car in the comfort of your own home and avoid long lines and fees in random shopping centers. With an EV charger at home, charging is quick and free.

We also install chargers at gas stations and other commercial properties in the Hampton, Virginia Beach & Newport News, VA area. Once you've ordered a charger, call us immediately. We'll have it installed in your home or business in no time.

Keep your gas station up to date with a new EV charging station. We can install an EV charger at your gas station, so you can finally offer electric charging options. With so many electric vehicles being made, it's time to make sure you can service electric and hybrid cars and keep up with the competition.

Once you've ordered all of your charging devices, call us promptly for a speedy installation.